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iPod touch Running updated apps on iOS 6



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Jun 17, 2008
I recently resurrected my old iPod Touch 4G and using it with an external portable amp as an MP3 player. It has iOS 6.1.6 on it but I am having problems installing a music player app on it because it tells me this..."This application requires iOS 9.3 or later".

I would upgrade to a newer iOS version but the problem is that the last compatible version for the iPod Touch 4G is iOS 6.1.6 and it's impossible to upgrade to 9.3 or later. I am sure I had an older version of this app that ran on my iPod Touch 4G because the app was released in 2011. I find it strange how I don't get the option to downgrade to an earlier compatible version of the app like I do with other apps. Please advise.
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