Running Websites and Wiki on the same server

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    Im trying to figure out how to run both a wiki server and a website server on the same server. So far if I'm running both, the wiki takes over and I can't see the website? what can I do?
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    Websites on Wiki server

    I don't think you can on the same hostname as the wiki server. I ended up setting up new subdomains and hosting stuff there. Just create a new site in the Websites service and drop your files in there.

    If you look at the default index pages on the default sites created (non-SSL and SSL) you'll see it loads index.php, /wiki/, /xcode/ and sometimes some other stuff. You can remove the /wiki and host sites on the primary domain but I think that breaks wiki access.

    Subdomain it. And then create your DNS CNAMES/aliases on your server and domain registrar.
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    One server with one internet connection IP address can only host one web service per network port. So, multiple internet domain names (URL's) pointing http (port 80) will always go to the same place -- this would be your Mac Servers web server. So you set up a website domain in your Mac Server for each url. QED. Now, if you absolutely HAVE to have a different server technology for one of your domains, all you have to do is have the index.html for that domain (on the mac server) redirect to your other web server, which would be configured to run on a different port (for example, 8080 for servlet)

    Maybe a picture helps:

    internet(80) ---> Mac OS Web Server
    + Default Web Server (Wiki)
    index.html -->

    internet(8080) ----> Glassfish Server (also on your mac)

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