Running window manager through X11?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by GoKyu, Jul 27, 2012.

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    Feb 15, 2007
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    Hey all, I finally got my Mac Mini set up running the latest Ubuntu Linux, but I'd like to use/manage it through my Mac Pro via X11.

    It's definitely been a few years since the last time I ran programs remotely over X, but I was able to get that working successfully to where I can run individual apps (Chrome, Gnome file manager, etc.)

    What I'd like to ask is - is it possible to just run the Unity window manager via an X Server (ssh -X host) so I basically have access to the entire Linux box? (Similar to screen sharing using 2 Macs.)

    Thanks for any assistance!
  2. dyn macrumors 68030

    Aug 8, 2009
    Have you looked at the X11 or Xquartz app for this? You do need to enable some settings in their prefs though. If you want to connect than do so via xterm after starting X11/Xquartz.

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