Running Windows 10 on 2009 Mini

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by dogslobber, Apr 4, 2016.

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    Oct 19, 2014
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    I have a spinner and 4gb in this machine. It's a dog when I run El Cap on it with constant spinning beach balls but with Windows 10 it simply is very usable. I actually find Windows 10 to be a very nice OS in that it's interface is very swish and feels lightweight. I hate to say it but El Cap is pretty bloated compared to Windows 10 on this system and I wonder if Apple needs a Snow Leopard style reset of OS X to stream line it for older, bottom tier systems, so they can run as good on moderate hardware.
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    Yes, the memory requirements for OS X have increased significantly since the 2009 Mini came out. I would expect that if you run Activity Monitor, you'll find that the machine runs very low on RAM very quickly; 4GB is probably the minimum for what is usable today, and if you run any apps of significance, you'll start swapping. Luckily, you can upgrade the RAM on the 2009 Mini; doing so should solve most of the trouble with running El Capitan. But yeah, OS X does seem to be demanding more resources than most other OSs out there right now...

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