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    Mar 10, 2008
    I am attempting to install Adobe Pro on Wins XP Home edition. I installed creative suite with no problems. I tried to install Premiere pro and got a Microsoft Runtime C++ error.

    I Googled it. There is a Hot Fix for the error for other programs - Adobe not mentioned. One must request a download of the Hot Fix directly from M$.

    Another fix says that DLA - Drive Letter Software in running on system. If I disable this software the runtime error will stop occurring. This sounds like it may be the problem as _ am running Wins through Bootcamp and I have MacFUSE and NTFS3g installed.

    Any idea how I might go about an install?

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    Mar 10, 2008

    I am replying to my own post to report a fix for others who may experience this same problem.

    I Googled the M$ runtime error C++ and found a link to a HotFix for runtime errors in XP. You can Google this also and read the fine print. It has a passcode for unzipping files that changes weekly.

    I DLed this fix and tried to install the Adobe product. I got the same RT error.

    Next I explored the disk of the set up program. I found a set up icon and an install icon. When I clicked set up I got the error. I tried the install icon and the program installed.

    I am not sure whether you need the HotFix mentioned above - I do not know if it played a role in a subsequent successful install.

    I suggest trying the Install Icon first - and if that works good. I would only install the HotFix if you continue to experience RT errors.

    This works for Adobe Premiere Pro, Encore - all CS2,

    EDIT: I just discovered inorder to install After Effects I copied ALL the install files from the disk into a temp folder. I ran install from the desktop - success - no RT errors!


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