Russian application about Love and Sex for iPhone

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    Only in Russian!

    All information in the application only in Russian!!!

    Parted? Something does not work in a relationship? Do not get pleasure from sex? Do not know how to please your favorite / favorite?

    This application has more than 300 different articles on the topic of love and sex, which will help you cope with any problem.

    Various details:
    1) Change the font size can be clicking on the plus / minus, there are 7 grades
    2) Change the background under the text is by clicking on the button with the shading. The program includes 50 different backgrounds, any person can find the one that he likes
    3) The third button (question mark), change view mode to the mode of "Together in width," after its incorporation button changes the button with arrows, text width fit in one window, and most importantly - you can zoom with two fingers, pushing and moving them.

    The application supports iPad.

    Any decision in life do not forget that it should only take you, all carefully weighed and deliberately. Tips tips, but they should only give you food for thought, and you already own to decide how to proceed. And do not forget, everyone have different views on world events, tips and everything else. As they say, "How many people, so many opinions."

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