S4 makes me notice the lack of apps

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by otozuz, Oct 17, 2018.

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    Apr 18, 2010
    I owned a Series 0 and a Series 1, and in both cases I stopped using them mainly because of the bad performance.

    I skipped Series 3, but I just got a Series 4 and I'm very pleased with it. Apple finally nailed the performance and the reactivity — plus an improved look and feel and an amazing display. I'm really loving this version.

    And that's probably why Series 4 is really making me notice the lack of prominent third-party apps. I agree that the Watch should be used for quick interactions, but considering how snappy the Watch is now, I don't think rich notifications are always enough. I finally feel that it's faster (and compelling) to check my Watch rather than reaching for my iPhone.

    I'm thinking about Twitter, Lyft, Google Maps, Amazon, Instagram, WhatsApp or even an app like Slack, that I considered useless on previous series. A rich notification where the preview doesn't even show enough information and only let you reply with a text feels so limited considering the capability of Series 4.

    Take Instagram for example: I'm not saying I want to go through my feed (even though with the new display it wouldn't be that bad for a quick glance), but now when I get a notification about a photo I posted, in the preview I don't even see which photo the notification is referring to — first world problems, I know, it's just an example.

    While surfing the web trying to understand why some big companies don't have a Watch app, I found this very interesting article:

    How Apple Watch apps’ death spiral nearly killed my iPhone app

    I always thought the main reason for a company to drop the support of an Apple Watch app was more about not getting enough benefits from it, but it looks like it's also Apple's fault and development being a pain because of how Apple is handling the framework and the development tools.

    I hope the fact that the industry is now considering and reviewing Series 4 as a powerful and useful device (and looking at the waiting time can we say it's selling well?) could bring back some more apps — with Apple hopefully making life for the developers.

    How do you feel about this?
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    Jun 17, 2014
    Heavily agreed. It feels much better. I find myself trying to respond to my texts, phone calls, and messenger notifications much more. Almost wish they brought Instagram back, and other apps that can be used. Has a lot of potential for third party apps.

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