S4 vs HTC One: Display Question

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Woodcrest64, Jul 25, 2013.

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    For those who have tried both devices does the S4 seem like the AMOLED has a thinner piece of glass in front of it or matte like look. I haven't seen the HTC one in person but its almost as if the S4's display is closer to the surface of the protective glass that covers it. It gives this almost paper like look. I don't know how else to describe it. My S2 screen looks so glossy in comparison to the S4.

    Does anyone else notice this?
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    To me both the HTC One and S4 have screens that seem to hover very close to front, almost like content is floating on surface.

    Both are spectacular screens and fantastic viewing angles.

    Personally I have no preference between the displays, but I do find the HTC One is a tad more viewable in direct sunlight, perhaps a tab brighter. That was the only real difference that I could note between the two.

    I do utilise the 'dynamic' or 'natural' mode for color accuracy / display mode on Touchwiz though (I lose this when flashing stock I believe)....
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    The S4 does have a thinner piece of glass. The S4 utilizes Gorilla Glass 3, whilst the One uses Gorilla Glass 2.

    The One is better in different sunlight, however both displays are very good.
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    Excellent post, you are 100% accurate which is very refreshing as compared to some who post rather carelessly.

    I own both an S4 and HTC One. When standing outside with both side by side, they each show very well. But between them the HTC does have a moderate advantage.

    As far as making a choice, it truly is nothing more than personal preference. These are two very nice examples of premium smartphones circa 2013.
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    The screen on the HTC One is outstanding. It looks amazing.
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    On the S4 the screen and touch panel are the same thing I think. It enables them to make the phone thinner.
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    Yea I believe screen and digitizer are combined on both the S4 and One. I know the one X is as well
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    Same with the iPhone 5.

    As far as the S4 vs the One. I've owned both, I like both.

    Going back to the S4, I miss the front facing speakers of the One. However, even though Google has said to abandon the Menu key, until developers update their apps.. I'd prefer it stays.

    i prefer the display size of the S4 more, but the TFT LCD display on the One is simply beautiful. I think if you're into rooting/tweaking though, the S4's external SD card makes life a lot easier. I prefer it's camera too.

    It is a tough call though, and obviously my reasoning for picking the S4 is subjective.

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