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May 3, 2014
If you are or have in recent years been a Hasselblad V system shooter in the US, you should have know the name David Odess.

He was likely the single most knowledgeable Hasselblad technician stateside(if not one of the best in the world) and kept a lot of cameras going in factory new condition, mine included.

Unfortunately, I just heard through other sources that he passed away. His daughter posted a brief message on his website confirming it

The photo community has lost a real asset, and those of us who continue to use Hasselblad V cameras have lost a valuable resource


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Aug 18, 2016
I read this elsewhere; I didn't think to repost it here since I'm not a Hassy user or have much need for camera repairs.

There is a young man (late 20s/early 30s) in Charlottesville, he owns the store where I bought my TLR. He is a trained camera repairman and he stages his repairs in waves because there is such demand for him. He is actively training new technicians and his team is growing rapidly. He was actually set to move to a different repair shop in Pennsylvania about a year ago when the previous owner decided to sell the Cville store and RJ promptly bought it. I had only vaguely known of the store from my local camera stores telling me about it, but RJ is going gangbusters and highly regarded if ever you need something fixed.


Oh, and my comment isn't meant to diminish the passing of Odess, but rather to reassure people that there are still technicians out there and more coming. It's hard to replicate the knowledge loss of 31 years, but hopefully there will still be people out there who can repair the old things.
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