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CJ Dorschel

Original poster
Dec 14, 2019
I don't know what I'm either doing or what has changed with Safari 14 but I have to constantly manually remove website data from Safari in Privacy - Manage Website Data as Safari is now tracking hundreds of sites, most of which I don't visit but are probably linked to advertising affiliates on sites I do use. Just hitting the same sites I always have on a daily basis, the trail of sites listed numbers in the hundreds. I've always Option-Clicked "Clear History and Keep Website Data..." as to not clear out the complete cache for sites I need to stay logged into/authenticated and that usually cleared website data as well as Develop - Empty Caches.

I clear my history daily and use the third party app Cookie to help manage website data yet ever since updating to Safari 14 and even trying Tech Preview, Safari keeps a trail of sites, many of which I never visited and are likely from advertising links. I need to keep some sites such as banks and work sites for authentication otherwise I'd simply block all cookies. I have Content Blockers on, Block and Notify Pop-up Windows, Auto-Play off, etc with a few exceptions. I even turned javascript off and checked for any settings in Develop and Debug menus and iCloud history on other devices isn't spilling onto my Mac Pro. Simply being on Macrumors for a few minutes, cleared sites show up again. I've never experienced this before.

I noticed that "Enable Intelligent Tracking Prevention Debug Mode" is sometimes unchecked for some odd reason.

Are there settings in Safari 14 to limit saved website data? I know it's not necessarily saving cookies and data in my home Library folder (I check ~/Library/Safari/LocalStorage and Databases regularly), I simply need to maintain control/privacy and don't understand why Apple is listing sites that don't store cookies under website data or if there is a way to stop it.

Thanks for any help!

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