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Feb 2, 2010
I recently updated to Lion and now I am having an issue when I try to go back or forward a webpage. I use the two finger scroll and swipe right to go back one page but sometimes end up going multiple pages. Animation is played once and older page appears, it just skips pages and those pages are not shown in the history when the back button is held.

I looked everywhere but failed to find any similar problems. Is it just me?


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Jan 6, 2004
Western US
I'm having that same problem. It's a weird one, sometimes it seems like there's two separate Safari windows or even separate apps open.

Others I've found:

1. URL doesn't show in address bar (can't see where you are or copy the URL out of it).

2. Pressing Command-R (reload) doesn't always reload the current page, it sometimes loads another page from another tab, or another page you previously visited.

3. Status bar periodically disappears and has to be re-enabled.
Safari 5.1, no workie

I can't even get this fool thing to open a window reliably. When it does, there's no URL field and no bookmarks bar. Then it crashes... repeatedly.

How do I back out this turkey?

Strongly not-recommended. Truly useless to me, and not just because it works differently than I'm used to. IT DOESN'T WORK AT ALL!

I tried deleting ~/Preferences/ and ~/Application Support/Safari.

I'm typing this in from Firefox, because Safari 5.1 IS USELESS!
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