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    #1 has been working fine (except for the text entry boxes) for some time now on Safari. A friend of mine has been having endless trouble, though. I just had her remove all her cookies and web site data and re-install java and restart the Safari plugin. Along the way, it hanged with the Java plugin and had to be restarted twice and the java processes forced to quit manually. At the moment, it now seems to be working again.

    However, I just updated Safari to 6.0.4 yesterday and Java to the latest 7V21 and (for Scrabble) seemed to work fine last night and the new Safari stores that Java is OK for that site, etc. But today when I loaded up, it hanged on loading in the same place hers did (about halfway through) with the spinning ball of death (busy) not allowing any activity just like hers did and NOW when you force quit Safari, it STUPIDLY comes right back up exactly where you forced it to quit, causing the same hung page to reload and even the preference window to open where it left off. This is STUPID. You force quit the browser when it's completely hung up and so why on God's Earth would you want it to reload the same troublesome page (which might even be a hacked site or something that you had to hurriedly force to quit)?

    Anyway, I forced hers to quit when it did it the first time, but I brought up Activity Manager on mine and it showed two Java processes (the Java app and the Java plugin for Safari) as having 20-40% CPU use each and when I forced the plugin to quit, Safari continued to load the page as normal and the busy pointer went away. The problem is now it won't load Java anything since the plugin won't restart unless I quit Safari and restart it again at which point the plugin asks whether I really want to run that site and crap all over again.

    So the question is whether the bug is in the plugin or in the new Safari and I really don't know which. It's also apparently not constant since it works fine for awhile and then just randomly causes trouble again?

    The weird thing is that text inputs (which have been broken for Java 7 for OSX for as long as I can remember, but which work fine in Java 6 in Snow Leopard) started working for things like the Dictionary now (bug must have been partially fixed), but it still doesn't work right or consistently in the main Scrabble window.

    It just seems unreal to me that a simple Java game STILL doesn't work right like 15 YEARS after the site launched. Is Oracle really THAT bad a company that they can't keep Java functional for a 15 year old site (i.e. old code) in their latest versions? Or is it just the OSX version that's fuxored to hell?


    Upon further observation of my friend's computer, it seems to hang about every 30-40% of the time when loading's Scrabble start page. I have her use Activity Manager to force quit the two Java processes (Java app for pogo and Java plugin) and then quit safari and reload and it loads correctly around 60-70% of the time and hangs the other times (you can always tell when it's going to hang because the blue activity loading progress bar loads very slowly instead of quickly when it's going to hang). Mine seems to do it FAR less often than hers so I can't help but wonder if there's an Internet component as well (something loading out of order or something? Like the Java applet starting too quickly before something else is loaded?) It's very strange. It does the same thing here on my computer maybe 20-25% of the time, but it still does it and is easily repeatable.

    I've tested Firefox and it seems to load the site and Java correctly 100% of the time (haven't seen it do it yet), BUT it uses an extra 55% CPU running than Safari (which itself uses 1% CPU on average with only the Java Applet using 15-20% or so while Firefox has 15-20% for the Java Applet PLUS 55% in the Firefox window and that's RIDICULOUS IMO. I don't know if they're even aware of the wasted CPU power, but I doubt they really care and I'm not dealing with their bug reporting site where they want YOU to do all the work FOR them to find the problem despite it being 100% reproducible. I'm not the one getting paid to work on Firefox, after all. But 1% versus 55% is absolutely night and day. Java on Firefox sucks in that regard and so I'd rather use Safari, but clearly Safari has an issue OR it's the Java plugin (the Activity Monitor shows a Java plugin for Safari, but never shows one for Firefox so Firefox may be using its own and/or internal plugin rather than a separate process, but either way it doesn't have that hangup so I'm thinking it's a Safari bug.

    Edit Again:

    Right after the last edit, I tried loading Scrabble again in Firefox and it quit responding. So much for 100%. So maybe it is a bug present in Java itself or the plugin and it shows up less somehow in Firefox due to the way it handles it or something. I have no idea, but it rarely does it there and quitting and restarting fixed it without having to shut down a Java process manually so it might be something differently entirely and unrelated to whatever it is that keeps hanging in Safari on that site. There's always a chance itself has a bug in their code somewhere as well. Neither Firefox or Safari will input text for putting down tiles in Scrabble, but both now seem to work (so far) with the chat text box and dictionary input which didn't work in any previous Java 7 version in OSX here. Java 6 seems to work much better with (all text inputs fine, etc.), but I see no way to use Java 6 for web sites in Mountain Lion despite it updating it locally for Photoshop's use and what not. I don't know if Java 7 works any better in Windows or if it's just an OSX thing, but I think you can use Java6 instead in Windows if you prefer whereas Apple had control of Java 6 and won't let newer OS versions use it online so far as I can tell even though they just patched it for the latest security fixes. Being forced to use a BUGGY AS HELL version sucks, but Apple knows best.....:rolleyes:

    I'm attempting to submit a bug report to Oracle, but like Firefox, they seem to think I'm a paid employee that knows where exactly the bug is in the code and how to fix it or something. It's UNBELIEVABLE how complicated the bug report form is just to submit an easily reproduced bug so it can be fixed. It's clear they DON'T WANT to fix bugs. The hell on both of them.
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    I am having a problem with Safari 6.0.4 hanging when I start Safari. The problem just started today. Nothing unusual happened to trigger the problem. I do not recall seeing any Java processes running in the activity monitor.
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    Same here. I'm using Chrome now because Safari is so slow and hangs on my MBA. At first, I thought I was having network issues, but Chrome and Firefox are working just fine, so it's something with Safari.

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