Safari 6.0 Replacing Domain when Navigating within a Different Domain

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    Oct 12, 2011
    I'm running Safari 6.0 on Lion on a 2008 Macbook 4,1.

    I'm having issues with prefixed domains. My wife logs into workstation.[domain].us to access internal databases for her work. I have a bookmark for my internal database at our church at worshiparts.[domain].org.

    When I click on a link in my wife's workstation, it replaces workstation.[domain].us/example-url-extension with worshiparts.[domain].org/example-url-extension.

    It happens on other sites as well. Even some domains prefixed with www have done it.

    This is really freaky. anyone else have this issue?

    The issue isn't consistent either. It's like it is taking me to my top hit for typing "w" but without me typing at all, and instead of taking me to my bookmark, it's inserting that domain where the correct domain would be.
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    It just happened to me again, so I took some screenshots. This time I was in my adwords account and I clicked on the link to view my potential new keywords.



    *I erased some of the private information in the screenshots.

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