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    adding a new bookmark to safari adds it all the way to the bottom ? & no longer as the most recent on my bookmarks bar?

    and when showing bookmarks in the side bar. I'm unable to select a bunch of bookmarks and open them all in new tabs.

    what the hell. terrible.
  2. evaL123, Oct 27, 2013
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    Lost Access to Bookmarks

    This is in response to a question I asked, but after 2 hours of search have found the solution, so here it is.

    The problem was, people who have lots of bookmarks cannot see them all in the sidebar; I thought I was locked out of my own bookmarks. But I've learned how to see them again.
    This also solves the problem that on new sidebar you can't see lots and lots of bookmarks at one time.

    >However, I did lose some bookmarks because they were in a folder that seems to have disappeared. I forget its name but it was between the Favorites bar folder and Bookmarks Menu. Fortunately the majority of my bookmarks happened to be somewhere else. >Does anybody know if that folder is still accessible?

    Anyway the solution to the sidebar issue is: under 'bookmarks' at the top, select 'edit bookmarks' and voila you have something not as nice but pretty much like the old bookmarks page. to get back to the web select 'hide bookmark editor.' To put a bookmark into a sidebar folder, click the little sidebar/book icon in the corner and they will be side by side.

    Much relief.
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