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    Hi today i want to talk about Safari 7.0.2 in OSX 10.9.2, Mavericks. I like the safari browser and how it integrates with osx nicely, and runs pretty good and I have come to love many features about it.

    What i want to do is disable Java in safari and allow an acceptation for certain websites to run java. One such website is my bank website
    in going to Safari>Preferences>Security>Manage Website Settings>Java there are no java websites there. I cannot add any new ones there, only the option to remove site is available. It seems like apple has disabled this feature. in Firefox, Opera and Chrome i can easily do this.

    I am wondering if there is a file that i can edit manually to add these settings but knowing apple they may have changed, this file without telling anyone, or removed the file altogether.

    Until this is resolved i am going to use another browser as my main one.

    thanks in advance for any help with my issue.
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    You don't add sites through that panel, you do it from the web page itself.

    If you are on a page that needs Java you will see this placeholder.


    If you click the placeholder you will get a dialogue box asking if you want to trust Java on the site. If you click okay it will add that site to this panel in Safari.


    Make sure you have that bottom setting at "Ask."

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