Safari 8 and Flash: want to understand

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Racineur, Aug 20, 2015.

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    Hello, I installed Yosemite 10.10.5 on an external SSD to boot my late 2012 1Mac / 3.2 i5 / 1 T FD / 8 ram and I keep Mountain Lion 10.8.5 on the internal FD until I made up my mind. Until now Yosemite works buttery smooth for me. No freezes and no beachballs. A tad faster than ML but not that much to my big surprise and the UI...ohh there lie my biggest complaints. Anyhow, as I could see, there's not Flash Player for Safari 8. How could I browse without Flash? Many sites I like use Flash and when I install Yosemite on the internal FD, what will happen of those sites? Would it damage something, put me at risk or slow Safari to a halt if I installed Flash on Yosemite. I mean, what's the trick for browsing without Flash?
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    I'm not sure exactly what the issue is. I am using Safari 9 at the moment, but I know I was using flash when using Safari 8. Go to the Adobe website and download/install it. The version shows it's for Mac OS X 10.6-10.10 I believe.
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    Fewer and fewer sites use Flash any more. What a lot of people are doing now is not installing Flash at all, then just using Chrome (which includes its own version of Flash) for the rare site that requires Flash.
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    I had Adobe Flash Player working fine with Safari 8.0.8 & OS 10.10.5. I recently uninstalled it and will use Chrome if I go to a site that needs Flash like Weaselboy said.
    Here is a link to Adobe if you want to install it:

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