Safari and Firefox Questions - Some major problems with Safari especially

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Doju, Feb 8, 2009.

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    Jun 16, 2008
    With Safari, my internet is incredibly sportatic. It will drop randomly, won't load a page, and turning off Airport then on will fix it, but it's only Safari. Firefox, Transmission, etc. all access the internet FLAWLESSLY. I prefer Safari to Firefox so it would be preferred if this incredibly inconvenient problem could be sorted.

    If not, can someone help me with some things in Firefox?

    - I love doing the three finger swipe to go back and forward. How do I do this in Firefox?

    Safari question:

    - How can I hold down the scroll wheel and scroll with Safari? You know how you can click with some scroll wheels on mice then scroll down?

    - How can I get Safari to automatically open in new tab instead of window?

    Thanks! Any additional help would be appreciated.
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    Well, with the issue of safari dropping connection(?) I know of nothing for that. To have pages open in a new tab, first select "Open links from other applications in a new tab in the current window" in preferences > general tab. Then you can enable single window mode by pasting this in a terminal window (Applications > Utilities > Terminal)

    The scrolling in Safari question, I think you mean like Firefox's autoscrolling? I dont know of anything for that, you can google "safari autoscroll" and see if that leads to anything.

    I believe Firefox 3.1 beta supports multitouch gestures so you could try that if you like. I havent heard anything about this either but you might want to check out Multiclutch

    And just so you know, googling any of these questions brings up lots of responses. Good luck!

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