iPhone Safari and Google Maps bug (ios 6?)


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Jun 10, 2009

not sure if this is a ios6 bug or iphone 5 bug or a combination.

When I use google maps in Safari and I exit Safari do a few other things then eventually go loads google maps again (or just open the safari tab) the maps web app will loads/still be there but will have stopped working = I can see the google maps menu but the tiles won't update and basically I cannot use it any more.

Only way to get it working again is to clear my usage data and history in settings. This always happens and as you can imaging is very annoying.

Just me?


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Sep 23, 2012
Same on an iPhone 4 on IOS 5.0.1. Found this out while trialling the web version to see if it could replace the native Google maps app in IOS 5. Even without the lockup the web version is fairly useless.

Web app locks up just as you say

So I have to stay with IOS 5

In IOS 5 btw, if I try to plan a route in the Google web app, it launches the proper native app! So what does it do under IOS 6?


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Jan 11, 2012
Pacific Coast, USA
iOS 6 has a few bugs here & there which should not be a surprise. Any new release from any mfg has them. As time goes by Apple will get this rev sorted out & it will be smooth & trouble free, they always do.


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Sep 23, 2012
Like i said, this probably has nothing to do with IOS 6.
Bump in case anyone else can add an answer or better workaround.
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