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Discussion in 'macOS' started by pdxflint, Dec 14, 2006.

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    On my dad's Mac Mini I have a user account with full admin access. About a month ago, when logged into my account I found Safari and iTunes started acting up by not connecting to remote servers. I can use the modem to dial up, and connect to our ISP, and when using Firefox or IE things behave normally. But Safari won't connect to any web page ("unable to connect to server...") and iTunes won't play any legitimately purchased songs from iTMS, saying I need to authorize the computer to play them. So, when I try to connect to the iTMS with iTunes, using my account ID and password, iTunes is also unable to connect with the server. All the while, Firefox can connect just fine to any web page.

    I tried to find some setting that may have become changed for my particular account, but still can't figure it out. When I log out, and then log into my dad's account, Safari works fine, as does iTunes - both can connect. It has gotten a little irritating, so if anyone has a suggestion for a fix, I'd really be appreciative. Thanks in advance.
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    Create a new Location in the Network pane of System Preferences and re-enter your connection settings. Firefox pretty much ignores this panel, which might be why it can still connect. :)

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