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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by stevemiller, Jul 5, 2015.

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    when you swipe to go back in safari, it first shows a non-interactive cached "image" of the previous page that then reloads. even worse, it's lately started showing the cached image, THEN the page you just swiped away from, and FINALLY the page you requested several seconds later.

    this makes it super annoying because you see your content and try to interact with it but can't; then you appear to go back to the page you just left, making you think you need to swipe back again, which will in fact take you further back. who the heck is letting this type of UX out the door at apple??

    this is happening on both my iPad 3 (which one might try to explain away as "old" hardware), as well as an iPhone 6.

    also worth noting, none of this nonsense happens if you just press the back button. but with the UI now auto hiding, you have to first scroll up to even reveal the navigation buttons.

    yes, this is a little thing. but its a little thing that i do many times a day, so it adds up. and once upon a time apple built its brand on attention to the "little things."
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    I'm not seeing anything strange with my swipe for back gesture in Safari. (iPhone 6)

    Also the auto hide of the bottom bar is great feature (to me) because it doesn't clutter the screen and let's you see more of the web page. So to me it is the little things they did pay attention to.

    You can tap the address below the clock to bring the bar up or as you already mentioned, a small swipe up. (It only takes a gentle swipe of just millimetres)

    It's been around since the beginning of iOS 8 and quite possibly iOS 7. (Can't remember that far back to how 7 was like.)
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    I don't see cached image when swiping back, but I do see a cached page image when swapping tabs.
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    I have had this happen, but only very rarely. I haven't looked into why - my pure guess has been poor connectivity.
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    Happens to me often enough to be frustrating. And to the point about the back button, I'm fine with the auto hiding nav bar if the swipe back back worked the same as it; it's all these weird cached images that makes it feel very clunky to use.

    A good bit of UI design would be to make the previous page a grey faded image (so you can visually see a preview of where you're swiping, but don't expect it to be a live page) that regains its colour and contrast as soon as it becomes live. As far as jumping through multiple cached pages while reloading, that's just a bug that they should fix.
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    I too have seen this many times, I'm on an iPhone 5 and I've had this happen on both 8.3 and now 8.4 I have seen it both when using the swipe back and also when switching tabs, mostly when switching tabs. I can't figure it out because sometimes it won't happen and then all of a sudden it does it.
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    Yeah I have this problem on iPad 3. It happens on my 6 too not as much though. I've been tempted to throw the iPad against the wall many times because of this.
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    I can see this being a real problem say your on an ipad and you hand it to the person next to you to use it and this happens and they see a previous safari page that you thought was gone but it re-appears while they are switching tabs and they see it. It might be a webpage you don't want them to see like someones facebook page or medical advise or something like that.
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    I'm used to this behavior from years of using safari in OS X. In both case I especially notice it in those ad laden webpages that have you view 10 different pages for a top 10 list for example. Like a bodybuilding website or dating advice or whatever. Sites like those bring even the most powerful browsers to their knees.
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    Same here, clear history and data fix the problem.

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