Safari 'Back" usu. fails on Macrumors site (works elsewhere)

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by danny_w, Oct 10, 2007.

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    Mar 8, 2005
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    I usually use FireFox for all of my web browsing, but lately have wanted to give Safari (2, not 3 Beta) a try again. However, the Back button (or context menu 'Back') hardly ever works, and instead takes me to a much older page than it should. However, things work fine for other sites, such as Apple forums. Has anybody else noticed this? Is there a fix for it? It would seem like a site dedicated to Apple products should work properly with the same.
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    Jan 20, 2005
    Yes, when surfing using "New Posts," the back button on Safari frequently takes me to an older New Post search result page. Not sure what causes it...some sort of caching issue having to do with the fact that the new posts link is a static URL which eventually leads to a dynamic search result page, perhaps?

    My solution is to open all threads in new tabs, leaving my search results untouched. Not ideal, but it works pretty well for me.
  3. Butthead macrumors 6502


    Jan 10, 2006
    Strangely, my older version of Safari (I will update to Leopard sometime with in a year) on OSX10.2 works without a hitch, and never gives me anything out of order, it I hit the back button, it returns the exact same pages, unrefreshed as it should.

    With recent update to Camino under 10.2 , version 2007061811 (v1.0.5) I get weird flashing black background portions of the pages being displayed, temporary glitches where a part of the page that is supposed to load must be hanging up, and so I get this very brief flash of black rectangles or squares. This only happens with vB, and at other sites they tell me vB works best with Windoze Internet Exploder, naturally as most sites are coded to work with that browser, vBulletin's team of programmers are devoting most efforts to make sure it runs on the most popular browsers, which are IE & FF. If you use IE (not been update for the Mac for years, so you're lucky if it does work well) or FF, the current FF for Mac is hopefully coded almost as well as the Windoze version, and so that becomes the browser of choice for vBulletin. Kind of sucks, but that's how it is, the most popular browsers on the PC side are the ones that work best with any internet software, including forums software for a Mac centric site. Find a forums software team that puts more effort or equal effort into support for OSX, then you'll find forums software that has few glitches for Mac users using various OSX browsers.

    Safari 1.0.3 (v85.8.1) for 10.2.9 works just fine for me @MR. Even Camino, which gets me an error message as not being a 'supported' browser (I kind of doubt they have any Mac supported browsers at all at Yahoo mail)- from Yahoo's new beta mail service, works just fine for me, haven't tried Safari yet :) .

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