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    Jan 23, 2008
    I have two macs that I use daily; an iMac and a MBP. I use Safari as my primary browser and have MobileMe to sync a chunk of the content on each machine, including Safari bookmarks. In the past, it has worked flawlessly; when I add, delete or move a bookmark on one machine, it syncs up with the other the next time I use it. No problem.

    I added, deleted and moved a number of bookmarks and folders on my MBP over the weekend and despite the fact that I have used the iMac several times each day since, no bookmarks have synced. it is worth noting that other things (MacJournal entries, for example) HAVE synced to the iMac from the MBP in that time period. Also, I have physically triggered the "Sync Now" which has run smoothly but not changed the bookmarks on the iMac. I have also logged out of and back into MobileMe on the iMac to see if that would do the trick. So far, nothing.

    Anyone experience this before or have any ideas?
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    I don't mean it is not syncing for me right now, I mean it has not synced bookmarks - and only bookmarks - on one of my machines for several days.

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