Safari Bookmarks Problem (Subfolders)

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Wakh, May 31, 2009.

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    May 15, 2009
    I hope I have the right Forum; I did a search and didn't find anyhting exactly like this problem.

    Well, once again, here I am, having done something I don't know how I did, and now how to fix it.

    Somehow, I put a Bookmark into another Bookmark as a subfolder (this happened on two different main folders) I don't know how I did it, but it seemed to happen after I synced may iPhone, which may or may not have anyhting to do wiith this, When syncying, the phone asked me a coupel times that X% odf something had changed and did I want to (here I don't remember what it said, but I hit 'yes' - Doh!)

    When I click on the main folder, the subfolder doesn't drop down. At first I thought I had deleted somehow the 2 forums that I only found when I was trying to recreate the bookmarks I was missing; when I got the website, and then went to Add Bookmark, I just happened to try and dropdown for the heck of it, I had been trying to find if these forums had been moved inside others, and lo and behold, the subfolder that had "disappeared' from the Bookmarls Column was inside a main folder.

    They do not appear in my bookmark list as subfolders when I peruse down the column of my bookmark folders.

    How can I move those subs back outside as separate folders? When I click on the Main Folder that I know contains the 'disappeared' folder', the SubF does not appear under the main, so I can't access it to perhaps (drag it out?) to make it its own folder, or even open it - nothing shows under the Main Folder (Does anyone understand what the heck I am saying?) I have a hard time explaining.

    How can I move those Subs out when they don't even appear unless I want to Add a Bookmark, then I can see it (in a dragdown of the 'Add a Bookmark' box) and could add the URL there, but even if I did that, I can't find that SubF to even choose any bookmarks in it.

    How did they get there and how can I move them out onto their own? This is so screwy. I have used this Mac (albeit not many of its Apss) for more than a couple years and now in a couple weeks have screwed up some things (including iPhoto) royally.

    Help! Thank you.

    Do you know what I mean, and how do I extract these invisible Subfolders from the main folder? They are invisible and seeming unaccessu=ible to even open

    Can someone help me? Thank you.

    Oh - one more thing. OK oneof the oringinal Bookmark that disappeared was 'Shop-Clothing'(yeah yeah, I'm a woman who loves to sho). I made a new folder named 'SHOP" and that was one I was recreating my links, when I discovered my old folder, 'Shop-Clothing" had put itself in the new Folder/

    The next incident is different. The original Folder was 'Jewelry'. I was looking at all my Bookmarks by opening a website and 'pretending' I wanted to add it, checking all my bookmarks to see if one had hidden itself somewhere else; When I got to 'Jewelry and went to the Add Bookmark (wasn't really going to add the B.M, just wanted to look for the second 'lost' Forum), and there it was. This one did not put itself inot a newly created folder Folder as happened above. It went into a folder that was already there. Ittoo is inaccesible and hidden inside the other folder.

    In summary, when I double-click on the Main Folders, the Subfolders do not appear. Nothing happens.

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    Feb 24, 2008
    London City
    click on this book thing on the top left of the safari windows:


    and you should get a window like this appear:


    then you are easily able to see and create, delete and move around folders and book marks to how you want it. remember that bookmarks bar is the one on the safari windows, where as bookmarks menu is the one where you have to go Bookmarks on the top of the safari window:

  3. Wakh thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 15, 2009
    Thanks bigman,

    When I click on the Safari book thing, the page where your bookmarks are, is blank, and in the URL space up top it says about:blank (or something like that)

    But, at the top of my Bookmark Menu at the left (not the Safari one as you have said, but the Bmks Menu), after I go to the (Toolbar?) and clic Bookmarks and get the dragdown "Show All Bookmarks" is a choice at the very top of this column (not with a little folder next to it), named "Bookmarks Bar" and a number listed beside it. If I click on that, I get only the bookmarks that came with the computer - Mac, RSS Feed, some newspapers and news info sites (forget name) other stuff - none of mine. They are still on the left, I suppose in what you say is the Bookmark Menu.

    I can drag a folder of mine into the "Bookmark Bar", and I can then open it up, and all my stuff in it appears that is in that folder.

    Just for the hell of it, I dragged the folder that one of the subs had gone into, over to the "Bookmarks Bar and I found it there and opened it and everything inside it was intact. In fact both of the subfolders I was 'missing' were in a Folder that already existed, was made some time ago, Even though ysterday it seemed one of them went in under a Folder I was rebuilding with sites I could remember from the one I couldn't find (mam I explaingn that one clearly - but it appears that is irrelevant as I found both of what I was looking for somewher else.

    Should I drag all my Bmarks into the main page, where the Mac-deposited premade Bmarks are residing? Then it will look like your Bmark page. with all of my personal folders there.

    Why didn;t that happen the first time I made these Folders and added bookmarks to them? Why did they stay on the left under Bookmark Menu? When prompted to "Add Bookmark" from the Bookamrk Menu choices I added them, and they ewent to Folders I created to the left

    Should I now drag them into the "Bookmarks Bar"? and how to I keep this happening in the future, instead of them staying in Bookmark Menu? Do I Generate a New Folder in that area (haven't looked t see how I do that). Why would one seven use the Bmrk Menu if it doesn't give a detailed showing of all folder and subfolders made from (Toolbar?) Bmrk Menu? Am I making sense that you understand what I see on my page witht he instruction you've given me?

    You have been very helpfu;!

    Can you comment and please advise further? Thank you!

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