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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Adammg, Apr 6, 2007.

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    Nov 10, 2006
    Here the problem, About 3 days ago I clicked Safari and it wouldn't load the page so I started playing with my connections and settings. I have an XP Virtual Machine on Paralells that works great but Safari, Firefox and any other browser on my Mac OS won't load pages. Only page that really loads is Google, all the others just sit there with the status bar frozen giving me a blank screen or once in a blue moon half a page. I've watched the activity window while trying Safari and it shows its loading some but not all. Tried downloading, for example a 14MB file says that'll be done in 7 days, so theres a connection just a slow one thats almost non-exsistent. All diagnostics test say theres a connection and its working properly. Just not understanding why XP VM is running fine even getting amazing download speeds. I've tried resetting Safari, hell even reinstall Mac OS X as a last ditch effort. I've even tried just using my modem directly to computer instead of the router in between, even that doesn't work. Around the time it stopped I hadn't downloaded anything recently, maybe Apple update and Divx Player. earlier in the day. I've searched everywhere, if anyone has any ideas please tell me.

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    My best guess is that you installed or updated some software you had that uses the Internet, and said software is probably hogging your Mac's connection to the Internet, but only when it's being used (this would explain why the VM works just fine). As for what program might be doing this, I haven't a clue. You can get some valuable insight by opening up Console and looking at your logs, as well as Activity Monitor to check CPU and network usage.

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