Safari Constantly Crashing

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by eyeluvmyimac, Sep 2, 2005.

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    This is getting very very ridiculous. In the past week or two weeks Safari has started to crash at random intervals (places where it has never cashed before).

    It's becoming more and more frequent each day, and now it crashes approximately once every 30 minutes to an hour, all. day. long. It doesn't discriminate though, it does it on nearly every site.,,, the list could go on for miles. And I'd like to say it happens whenever I do 'xyz' but it doesn't. It could be when I click a link, when I open a new tab, anything... it even happened once when I was simply scrolling down using the scrollwheel on my Logitech MX700.

    It's getting VERY annoying, because I'm becoming very unproductive (reminiscent of pre-Mac life, where I couldn't get anything done because Windows would always prevent me by having some sort of error).

    I'd also LOVE to be able to say it's been happening ever since I updated to 2.0.1 but sadly it was happening well before that, and I was hoping updating would fix it - sadly - it hasn't. I'm thinking my next step is to trash my prefs, but want to get a second opinion of the forum first to see if anyone else has/is facing this issue, and how they overcame it?

    One thing I should mention, it was a while ago but I believe my memory serves me well, in that the first time it crashed, when I reopened Safari, it was like it had been reset. (My preferences were not in effect) meaning, 'always show tab bar' wasn't checked, 'block pop-ups' wasnt checked, 'show status bar' wasnt checked, the default apple bookmarks were in the bookmark bar along with mine, etc. Not sure if that is like a smoking gun that the prefs were corrupted or not, but just thought I'd mention it.

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    If it's that bad, your best bet might be to backup your bookmarks, delete your preference file and reset Safari. And throw a repair permissions in there somewhere to cover your bases :p

    Got to say Safari works great for me, even if it is a bit of a RAM hungry trooper, so this definitely isn't normal behaviour.

    Failing all this, there's always Camino ;) :)

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