safari draining a lot of battery!

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    Hey guys,

    TL;DR -> Basically battery last when phone is basically not used. As soon as i start using it(especially browsing) and playing some casual games, i feel like the battery is draining way too fast!

    I hard resetted my iphone because before it would drain 1% every 30 minutes in standby(3g on). After a hard reset and a complete battery drain and overnight charge; I had gotten a much better battery. 1 day, 4 hours standby and 6 hours of usage with 3g and push mail ALWAYS on, location services off . I think this is quite respectable...right?

    My problem is basically, I had being browsing through a lot of forums in the past 2 hours, and the battery is alarmingly draining at a rate of 1% each 2-4minutes! After 2 hours, my battery decreased for 20-30%

    So is my battery okay? or safari is actually draining quite an excessive amount of battery?

    ps: no background apps were open while browsing. ALSO, my iphone is NOT jailbroken

    also, i would like to ask how apple measure the iphone battery stats:
    - they say the iphone 4s can achieve 200 hours of standby. Do they measure it with or without 3g on?
    - Same with the music playback. If i listen music with 3g on, my phone simply can't make it to 40 hours of constant playback. So, they measure with or without 3g on?

    Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long post
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    Sounds pretty normal to me. See the multitude of battery threads to make yourself feel better.
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    Seems normal to me too. If you think it's a problem with your Safari try downloading another browser and see if it's any better.
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    Feb 27, 2011
  5. imHappy thread starter macrumors regular

    Feb 27, 2011
    Guys, just for curiosity, how does apple measures the battery time in its website?

    200h -> standby
    40h -> audio playback
    10h -> video playback

    Are these stats WITH or WITHOUT 3g turned ON?

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