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Nov 28, 2014
Yeah, I know about the Developer menu... I want a single click button extension...

But you really don't want an extension to do a simple cache clearing! Really. What you should be doing is submitting a request to Apple to include flexible clearing of all browser data (like Chrome does) in a future version of Safari.

Browser add-ins and extensions have become the next evil in browser security. Possibly even more dangerous that Flash, Java, and Silverlight combined, 3rd party extensions and search providers from untrusted developers have quickly become the most unrecognized threat in personal computing (on any platform). Users seem to be quite willing (or just plain unaware) to install dozens of browser extensions that provide nothing of real value in exchange for giving an untrusted vendor complete access to all of their browser communications.


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Jan 23, 2005
Am I blind or is there no "clear cache" extension for Safari? cache

I use chrome, but it seems impossible no one would have developed a simple clear cache plugin for Safari with options on what to clear.

I use the app Cookie for this. You can set it to delete cache, cookies, etc. upon browser quit. You can also whitelist cookies you want to keep.

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