Safari gets stuck on loading indicator/image placeholder when trying to load "some" i

Discussion in 'macOS' started by donkin, Sep 12, 2012.

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    Sep 12, 2012
    Ok, so Safari and Firefox for Mac both have this problem.

    When I go to some websites, some images dont load and I get an endless loading icon (place holder) and nothing appears.

    its those websites with a preloading image "preloader" to fetch their images.

    However on Windows/Internet Explorer (using parralels) the page loads fine.

    This happens on Ram Trucks

    and also on Yelp IKg

    Since it happens on Both Safari and Firefox for Mac, Im thinking something is wrong with my MAC Operating System.

    Here is what I see when I go to those sites.

    YELP = http:/// RAM TRUCKS =

    Those are just two examples of sites, but it happens to other sites.. and its not all images.. it seems like its just those websites that have special/custom loading indicators when you click on photos. I think its some special HTML or scripting that the sites use to bring up the images thats causing the problem. Since its only those sites that have an animated gif as a waiting/loading indicator for the image your trying to view.

    I also would like to mention I have parallels installed with Windows 7 and internet explorer loads up the pages just fine. Also some other people I know with Macs same version as me, can go to these sites fine.

    Anyone have any ideas? This was working fine, but my hard drive crashed and I had to reinstall OSX. Thats when i started experiencing this. I have already done all the MAC updates.
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    i uninstalled flash player with the adobe tool and reinstalled it, but its still not working.

    i dont think its flash thats the problem, because the loading indicators are not flash, they are animated gifs. i think it is some sort of CSS, Javascript or Ajax image preloader this is getting stuck on and not loading my images.

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