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macrumors newbie
Dec 5, 2015
Hi Guys

Ever since updating to Mojave Safari has been so slow. It is now at the point where if I type an address in the address bar it take up to ten seconds to register. Anyone else having this problem?

Ive attached a photo to show the lag white screen View attachment 794713

I was having this problem. I found if I disabled "Preload Top Hit in Background" on the Search tab in Safari Preferences, that solved the lag I was encountering.


macrumors newbie
Feb 10, 2015
I was experiencing the same especially on Reddit, Amazon and even Youtube. Seems like a lot of people experiencing this on Safari, while Chrome seem to work fine. I've tried updating Flash, disabling "Stop plugins to save energy" in Advanced tab, but what helped me was disabling new separate AdBlock app. Works like charm now.
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