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Jan 6, 2004
We suspect the babysitter spends a tremendous amount of time surfing the web. How can I see the time stamp for each of the links in history? Need this to determine how much time she is spending surfing instead of caring for our baby.


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Feb 7, 2002
i'm not sure this is possible (can't check, on a pc at work). but even if it was, it may not give you the most accurate info. say you load up a page and then run off to play with the kid, come back while the kid is in the bathroom (no idea how old so the child is so bear with me), load another page, run off.. etc.

it's just tough to tell. i suppose if they loaded tons of webpages page after page for a few hours, then it would prove your point though... hmm

i'd suggest if you are worried though, to talk to them about it...?


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Jun 4, 2003
I agree:

1) Talk to her about it. Communication is key. If you can't trust your babysitter you probably shouldn't be letting her care for your children.

2) Password protect the computer. Problem solved.

As for Safari's history, I do not know of anyway to get the timestamps and such from it - I'm not sure if they would be totally useful either, as jelloshotsrule eluded to. I have a Safari window open almost 24x7 it seems...

I suppose you could use a keystroke recorder, although that wouldn't be the most ethical way of going about things... :eek: