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Sep 5, 2006
Could someone do me a favor. I need a copy of the original file compass.icns which is found by doing the following: Find the Safari application then Control Click>Show Package Contents>Contents>Resources>compass.icns

Just duplicate that file and then email it to me. I was a fool and didn't backup.

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Feb 2, 2008
Also need the icon

I'm a semi-newbie who decided to start playing with the package contents of applications. Consequently, I have successfully deleted the compass.icns file from Safari as well. Of course I didn't back it up so it was definitely a bonehead move by me.

Could someone email me this file so I don't have to reload the OS?
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Thanks for the help.

-- meanjoe45


Apr 24, 2007
Washington, OH
I don't know how legal sending it is...

BUT, if you have Leopard, install the developer tools, open icon composer in the applications>utilities folder and then find a nice render of the Safari compass online (It's really not hard to find! - google?).

Drag the icon into icon composer, save it as "compass.icns" or whatever and then send it back to safari. Should work then.

Re-Download Safari from
I actually changed my Safari icon today and looked on Apple's site. It's only available for download for Windows. Not Mac.