Safari Issues


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Feb 11, 2010
Riverside, CA
Ive been looking for solutions and although most say the same solutions, it has not worked for me. When I want to access certain sites, Craigslist for example i get the "failed to open page, cannot connect to server etc." error. This happened awhile back when I wanted to read a tech blog and I completely forgot the solution I found.
Ive tried reseting safari, emptying cache, used ClamX, EVERYTHING. Craigslist still won't connect. Tried also changing the DNS servers. NOTHING. I had access to it a week ago. I also looked in the preferences/library to delete the safari plist. But I didn't even see a safari one. HELP?!:confused:
Tried Opera and Firefox as well.


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Jul 29, 2011
Somewhere Back In The Long Ago
The router does seem the likely problem here. Connection dropping in and out. Is it hard wired to your computer? If not, try it that way. If it still won't connect reliably I'd borrow one to test the theory, then get a new one.