Safari JavaScript Dreaded Spinning Beachball of Death

Discussion in 'macOS' started by mainemacuser, Sep 27, 2012.

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    My MacBook Pro, running OS 10.5.8, crawled to a stop last night. I got the dreaded Spinning Beach Ball of Death. After a reboot, it took literally 5 mins to launch my homepage (Google) using Safari. Now that I turned off JavaScript it's back to running about normal. But I'm very afraid to turn JavaScript back on.

    If I do have a nefarious JavaScript on my computer, how do I identify and remove it?

    Details of what happened: I had iTunes open to the iTunes Store. I closed the store to check my music library, I then got the Spinning Beach Ball of Death. I did have Safari open as well. I did a hard reboot, and the machine was still unbelievably slow, and more Spinning balls, it took forever to load pages or open files.

    To fix it I: Repaired my permissions. Verified and fixed my hard drive using apple's Disk Utility

    Nothing worked until I disabled Java and JavaScript on safari. Now it seems to be pretty much back to normal. The question is what kind of malware JavaScript could I have, and what do I have to worry about (?keyloggers, ?spybots, ????) and how do I fix it so I can use Java and JavaScript?

    Some folks here would say keep JavaScript turned off. The problem is many webpages don't work without it, for example my bank webpage won't work without JavaScript.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    For protection against malware, leave Java disabled until you visit a trusted site that requires it. Then enable it only for the duration of your visit. You can leave JavaScript enabled all the time. There is no known instance of malware infection caused by JavaScript being enabled. The JavaScript Blocker extension will help you control which JavaScript executes.

    Mac Virus/Malware FAQ

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