Safari/Mac being seen more often.

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by applefan69, Mar 14, 2008.

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    Maybe 2-3 years ago, (and earlier then that) Internet Explorer was sadly pretty much known as the BASIC browser. As in whenever media (like a t.v show/commercial) showed a web browser it'd always be IE.

    Now Im just gonna say lately I've noticed I see safari ALOT more often. Like the other day i saw a t.v commercial, and it had a wbe browser on screen. Sure enough it was safari. Alright so that was cool.

    Then I was watchin a T.V show, and one of the scenes a character was using a Mac.

    Actually I notice ALOT of T.V shows the people use macs... in fact whenever I'm watching a tech show, or computer help show... there is usually an iMac in the background behind the host somewhere.

    At least lately it has been this way... is this evidence of apple slowly but certainly surely turning the tables and gaining market share, and winning over the majority of America and Canada with products like iPhone and iPod?

    I sure think so... and I like it, Apples future is getting brighter and brighter and brighter every year.
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    There's no doubt Apple has done wonders with their market share. Just ten or eleven years ago Apple was nearly bankrupt with less than 2% of the market, even among home/consumer users. Today, I think they're just over 8%. And yes, Safari has done wonders. I don't see the new Safari for Windows really picking up though. It'll be interesting to see if it erodes any of the market share of IE and Firefox for Windows over time.

    But here's the real kicker...Apple's iPhone now has almost 18% of the corporate cell phone market. "Corporate" and "Apple" haven't been used in the same sentence since the 1980s. THAT is profoundly astonishing, and an indisputable reversal. What can Apple do with it? Not sure. Overtaking Windows is never going to happen, and they will probably never get past 15% PC market share in the corporate environment. But then again, they were nearly bankrupt in 1997.

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    I agree with the previews poster.

    However, when we look at those numbers, we should consider many factors. The safari numbers were increased, as new Macs were sold. OK, this number is increased with each Windows user downloading the safari beta, but how many users of this kind are out there? That's a statistic I would like to see.

    The Mac is increasing its market share. However, it could never overtake the PCs. And frankly. I don't think I want this to happen. Apple's success resides (among many other factors) in being flexible. And that would not be the case if it holds a great market share.

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