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Cox Orange

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Jan 1, 2010

I installed mac os x 10.8 again, because I have to use an older Software suite. I tried to do all Updates first, but iTunes 12.4.3 didn't Download, so I wanted to download it via Safari, but Safari doesn't load any page other than the main apple Website and Google.

I can't load one of the Google results (in this case the apple download page for Safari.

Does anyone have an explanation or a solution?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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Feb 20, 2009
You're using an old version of the Mac OS, that has an older version of Safari that has not been updated (to be compatible with changes to the net) in years.

That may be why it won't load pages.

You should use a DIFFERENT browser that HAS been updated through the years.
I'm thinking...
- Firefox (you may need to research which version is best)
- iCab

A quick internet search suggests Firefox (extended release) "ESR 45.7"
(or perhaps a version close to that).

What Mac do you have?
What year was it made?

Cox Orange

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Original poster
Jan 1, 2010
Maybe Apple does this for security reasons, because the apple website can be retrieved and Google can be searched, but it is not possible to get to a website by clicking on the results.

Isn't firefox ESR 45.7 without security update, too?
I found this list
I may have to check, if one of these browsers are still maintained for 10.8.

Mac Mini late 2012. I am running a current OS on the other volume, but I need 10.8 for one of my software suites and I I had to install a small helper App and tried this via Safari. I ended up downloading it under the recent OS.
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