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Discussion in 'macOS' started by B74A, Jun 29, 2017.

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    I have had this problem for about a week - web pages with Google Adsense adds, when one certain ad appears on the page, it opens a new tab in Safari and takes me to it. Usually when I have read a line or two of news, suddenly there are women's sanitary advertisement instead of the text I was just reading. Some times 2 or 3 tabs pop up.

    I don't click it, don't even need to mouse-over it - but only when that particular add is on the page.

    I blocked the domain in the hosts file. The add still shows up on the page, and still opens a tab automatically, but now it just says page not found. Still very annoying!

    I searched for this online but can't find it. I also told Google Adsense settings that I don't want to see ads for women's sanitary products.

    It is most annoying - especially that I am just reading something and get interrupted several times a day usually.

    Is this some kind of malware? Or a new type of aggressive ad? Or a loophole in Safari? Mac OS X and safari are both updated to newest versions.
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    I'd get this :

    from here :
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    I assume you have done the usual clear cookies and history. Try another browser and stay off questionable web sites.
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    1. Open Safari Preferences.
    2. Click the Tabs icon in the toolbar.
    3. Check “Command-click opens a link in a new tab”
    4. Uncheck “When a new tab or window opens, make it active”

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