Safari questions - things buggin me how to fix ?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by macjaffa, Jul 5, 2010.

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    Right. Been using Safari 5 since the update,(and safari 4, since the mbp update) and there's a couple of things that really annoy me, I'll list them and would like to know if there's a fix. I'm using Safari as It's a pretty good browser, good OSX integration, Opera kinda sucks on OSX.

    1. Pressing Back always seems to reload the page.

    This is a major PITA when I've just submitted a form as it will resubmit the form data. I just want the browser to load the page from it's cache, as it was, before I went 'forward'. Opera does this. Pretty sure FireFox does this as well how do I make Safari do it? It's annoying as well if I click a forum topic, and see something else I wanted to click on, then I click back and it's been bumped off the page because safari has loaded the most recent version. If I want the most recent version of a page I'll click reload thank you very much.

    2. New Tabs open beside the current tab, I want them either to open on the right of the tab, but 'away' from the tab, or to open right along at the end.

    currently if I open tabs from a page called orig and have a second page called SECOND open it goes ORIG 5 4 3 2 1 SECOND I want either ORIG SECOND 1 2 3 4 5 or ORIG 1 2 3 4 5 SECOND How do I make Safari do this - it's driving me batty as after a few months I still go to the wrong tab. Especially since I use Opera and Firefox daily elsewhere

    3. Make Tabs NOT scroll off the end, I want them to compress down in size when there is too many to show at once.

    4. How do I navigate tabs using keyboard? I'm looking for somethign similar to Operas 1 and 2 keys

    5. How do I change the location of where I want to save files, and can I set up default locations or action based on filetypes (i.e. I'd like to save torrents to my 'watch folder'

    6. How can I find out the name of an image. In every browser for the last 10 years it's been a rightclick -> properties operation. Opera even gives you all the EXIF info as well.

    7. I have a folder in my bookmarks containing some related websites, how can I access these bookmarks without going to Bookmarks->Show all Book marks? Can I not get a submenu folder in my bookmarks menu, or a drop down on the bar, like every other browser I've used since IE4/ Netscape 4


    Might have been a couple more, but these are the ones annoying me just now - please help me all you Mac OSX gurus.
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    Reply in red.
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    Feb 17, 2010
    thanks if I may go through them

    yes very much so. here's 2 examples:
    1. I list the forum topics by clicking the forum title. Read them for a minute click a topic. Read it and then click back - the list of topics has changed becasue safari has reloaded the page. I want the page I was just looking at.

    2. If I post a message and want to go back Safari won't let me as I will try to post the form again! - I just want to go back, maybe one or two or three times, i.e. back to the main page. In just about any other browser this takes about 1/2 second to click back thourgh but safari tries to load the pages again.....

    That is very dissappointing. Basically it means the tabs 'move about' as I open them. adding them to the end means the tabs stay in the same position relative. Quite un mac like I think ?

    I just tried this, and they can be compressed more, but safari doesn't do it I have a window 50% width on my 1920 wide display safari will allow me to have 10 tabs before it starts scrolling.. This means I don't even know what tabs I have open. There is room for at least 30 in that size of window. again very disappointing.

    Holy crap! a 4 button combo to change a tab? I don't think I can even do that with one hand.... are you serious?

    Sorry I meant When I click Save Link As, I can't find a way to browse my file system, I only get the default locations (documents, desktop, i disk etc) e.g. how do I save directly to my network as there is no network location there.?
    Also no facility to filter/define separate locations for different file types - I've looked, all I see is a single download location and an option to open known file automatically (which is pretty handy)

    Lots of reasons, here's a couple - someone posts a picture on a forum and sometimes, a clue or an idea of who or what or where it is may be in the file name.

    I may be looking at a website and want to change the logo say, I find out the name of the file and the path so I can change it on the server, but I can't do that if i drag it to the desktop, and draging to the desktop means I also have to then delete it after, if it was just the filename I wanted, and what If I already have a file on the desktop named the same thing, will osx add a -1 to it?

    OK I fiddled with it, I had the folder under the word 'bookmarks' Tried to drag it onto the 'Bookmarks Menu' entry , but what I needed to do was click that, then drag the folder onto the right hand pane. Working now:)
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    Command+1, etc. to access your bookmarks for your frequently visited sites.

    Of you can just leave them open in a tab. Then when you relaunch, just got to History menu: reopen all windows from last session.
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    My gripes with Safari are:

    1. How come I can TAB to another field to type, yet I cannot tab to checkmark a box, or remove the checkmark in a box? (ie login name, tab, login pw, tab, checkmark remember me ~ not possible?)

    2. WHY must I open a NEW tab just to create a new Bookmark folder (in order not to loose my opened pages in existing tabs), then back the page to save it in that new Bookmark, why can I not do it directly in the save bookmark dialog?
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    Feb 17, 2010
    I found GLims which seems to fix a couple of the issues above, moving between tabs with , and ., tab order, and it allows you to have a option to create a bookmark folder in the bookmark menu, you may find it useful
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    The quick shortcut to change tabs is Ctrl-Tab. Ctrl-Shift-Tab to go in reverse.

    To highlight buttons, links, etc, use Opt-Tab instead of just Tab, and you can switch this behavior in Safari’s Preferences (i.e., Tab highlights everything, Opt-Tab to switch just between text boxes).


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