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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bigpizza, Feb 9, 2016.

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    Please move this post if it's in the wrong area.

    I created this thread because there's a huge security issue with safari just waiting to backfire. The problem arises when you launch safari after the app has been cleared from the RAM (app is reloaded). When this happens, sometimes I get half a second glimpse of a video that I have watched earlier.

    What adds to the issue is that it's videos which I wouldn't like to share with anyone. I'm in private mode, enjoying my movie. When I'm done, I kill the tab and go back to normal mode. I'd might even keep using it in normal mode extensively. Then perhaps a couple of hours later (this last time five hours later) I go back into safari, the app gets reloaded and WHAM, I get to see a screenshot of the video for half a second.

    Now imagine this happening at any time. What if it happens while my phone is being supervised by someone? It could be really awkward, depending on the nature of the video. So why is this data being saved even though I was using safari in private mode? More importantly why is safari showing me half a second glimpse of it in standstill? Does anyone else have this issue? I'd might have to go over to chrome now.

    For the record, I have an iPhone 6s+ with iOS 9.2.1

    And lastly, shame on you apple.
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    Wait. Shame on Apple that you're watching porn?
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    Sep 9, 2012
    Gotta love your logic there. No I could in fact be watching anything which I don't want to share. You making the connection to porn says something about you. Beat it troll.
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    Reinstall iOS using iTunes.

    While we're waiting on that, what are you watching?
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    Do you make a habit of letting everyone you know watch whatever they like on YOUR phone?
    You are the one with the videos. How does Apple fall into shame about your life choices?

    I agree with the iOS restore. That may fix a caching issue in Safari.
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    I have the right to express my views on crappy engineering. I did it quickly and swiftly in one sentence yet you people repeat it like a broken record. It seems there really is a deity.

    On topic: I'll follow your recommendations.
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    Seems like a bug/glitch which can be a privacy type of issue essentially.

    Perhaps using another browser as an alternative when doing something of private nature might be a worthwhile workaround, at least for now.
  8. chrfr macrumors 604

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    There are instances where Safari on both iOS and OS X will actually reload the last page viewed when in private mode. Regardless of one's opinions on what people may be viewing when in private mode, there is no circumstance where Safari should reveal the contents of those pages. Worse, the problem occurs after Safari has even been quit, which indicates that there is a history on the computer.
    I filed a bug on this with Apple, which is still open, but is a duplicate of another bug. I filed the bug against iOS 9.2 and 10.11.2 but it still occurs in this week's 9.3 and 10.11.4 betas. Here are the steps to reproduce:

    in OS X:
    1. Disable "Close windows when quitting an app" in General System Preferences.
    2. Close all Safari windows.
    3. Open a Private Window.
    4. Browse to a site.
    5. Leaving that window open with content loaded, quit Safari.
    6. Reopen Safari.
    in IOS:
    1. Open a private window.
    2. Browse to a site.
    3. Force quit safari from the App Switcher.
    4. Reopen Safari.
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    I cannot reproduce this behavior in 9.2.1. Whatever the screen looks like that I have open when I force quit, Safari displays that screen when the icon is touched; regardless of private or not private.
  10. HEK, Feb 9, 2016
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    Yes, by the special logic used by people that won't take responsibility for their own actions, it is apple's fault. Without the iPhone porn addiction wouldn't be nearly as strong. Apple is acting as an enabler for watching porn. iPhones should have built in porn lock. Course sales would be cut in half. I can smell another class action suit here.

    Maybe you are holding it wrong. Hold it face down when restarting safari, till Apple fixes this flaw.

    Shakes head, goes to face palm mode. Oh the drama.........
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    A bit over dramatic, "Huge security issue" ?
    If it was giving away all your contacts, or revealing your credit card number, yes. This is a minor annoyance to be fixed in an update.

    You know it would only take a couple of seconds to leave private mode and then close down safari app from some non critical site. That way if it shows a half second of what you closed it down under it could be like cnn or faux news. Just saying, might save you the embarrassment.

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