Safari starts cookied process, which opens thousands of files...


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Apr 3, 2014
In the last couple of days, my MBP stopped running anything, because no application could open a file; all file handles in the OS were used!

Using the unix lsof command, I discovered that a process named "cookied" was consuming all of the files. Here is a small portion of the output:

cookied 2597 caff 48u PSXSHM 4096 e.Safari.PrivateBrowsing-10068
cookied 2597 caff 49u PSXSHM 4096 e.Safari.PrivateBrowsing-10069
cookied 2597 caff 50u PSXSHM 4096 e.Safari.PrivateBrowsing-10070
cookied 2597 caff 51u PSXSHM 4096 e.Safari.PrivateBrowsing-10071
cookied 2597 caff 52u PSXSHM 4096 e.Safari.PrivateBrowsing-10072
cookied 2597 caff 53u PSXSHM 4096 e.Safari.PrivateBrowsing-10073
cookied 2597 caff 54u PSXSHM 4096 e.Safari.PrivateBrowsing-10074
cookied 2597 caff 55u PSXSHM 4096 e.Safari.PrivateBrowsing-10075
cookied 2597 caff 56u PSXSHM 4096 e.Safari.PrivateBrowsing-10076
cookied 2597 caff 57u PSXSHM 4096 apple.Safari.PrivateBrowsing-0
cookied 2597 caff 58u PSXSHM 4096 FNetwork.defaultStorageSession
cookied 2597 caff 59u PSXSHM 4096 apple.Safari.PrivateBrowsing-2
cookied 2597 caff 60u PSXSHM 4096 e.Safari.PrivateBrowsing-10077

So, the "cookied" process has opened over 10,000 "files". I killed the process, which releases all of those file handles. But if Safari is running, the same process comes right back and starts opening files. If I quit Safari, and then kill the cookied process, it does not come back (unless I start Safari, again). Note also that Safari is not running in Private Browsing mode (despite the name of the files). In fact, Private Browsing has not been enabled for at least a couple weeks.

Running Chrome does not cause the problem.

This could be a bug in Safari, or it could be a virus which is triggered only when running Safari. No Google search I could come up with provides any clues.


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Apr 3, 2014
I had read that, but as you say, not much help for me.

I do hope someone knows what this is, especially if it turns out to be a virus. In the meantime, I cannot run Safari (for good or bad).


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Mar 20, 2009
Near London, UK.
If it's a virus you are in the money as you'd have the first one and could make a bundle selling your mac to researchers.

However, I'll give you odds of several zillion to one you you are on the left hand side of this diagram

I would suggest you remove all cookies, reboot, and if that doesn't work, checkout how to uninstall safari and reinstall.