Safari suddenly goes back a page


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Aug 25, 2009
Hey everyone. I have this seriously annoying problem. Safari spontaneously jumps back a page without any input from me whatsoever. I have goggled this a dozen times, and get nowhere.
So here is what happens:
I'll be surfing around, clicking links etc when all of the sudden out of nowhere the page goes back to the previous one. There are two important points here:
1) I have not touched the mouse or keyboard. Often I will be reading an article for ten minutes or so, my hand not touching either the mouse or keyboard, then all of the sudden it jumps back.
2) when it jumps back a page it does not do the swoosh affect like you see when you swipe back on the mouse. It's an instant change just like when you hit the delete key on your keyboard.
I take part in internet forums a fair bit, just like this one, and it's seriously frustrating when I've typed up a big post and then suddenly I'm back a page.
I have tried other browsers, and they do not behave this way, but frankly, I like safari, and would rather it be fixed than abandon it.
..I'd better post this before it jumps back and deletes everything.. :eek:

Mike in Kansas

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Sep 2, 2008
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Are you using a Magic Mouse or trackpad, or some other bluetooth input device? My Magic Mouse exhibits this behavior sometimes when I hover my finger over it without touching it or even moving my finger. The page justs returns to the previous one, like a swipe so fast you can't see it. Maybe you are getting interference with another blue tooth device. Can you duplicate with a wired mouse?