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    Firstly, I have just joined the apple world with a macbook pro 13". However, I have a problem while surfing with safari. When I go back to the previous page, safari firstly goes to the upside of the forum and then go back to the topic title. I have also recorded a video. I am experiencing it on some web sites but it didnt happen on chrome. I do not want to use chrome because I read many things about the battery consuming.

    Video Link:

    Thanks a lot :)
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    Just a difference in how the programs are written.
    Workaround: Open subforums and threads in new tabs instead; cmd+click or right-click -> open in new tab. Close the corresponding tab when you’re done with the thread.
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    If you just joined remember only get apps at the Mac App Store and read and download also at MacUpdate and pay attention to the reviews!
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