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    This is the only thing so far that has annoyed me about Yosemite, and before I switch to another browser, I thought I'd see if there were any possible solutions, as I actually really like safari otherwise.

    I HATE the way Safari now handles tabs. Previously I would be able to have 12 tabs open before the "more tabs" bit appeared. Also I would be able to easily see a list of those extra tabs to easily navigate to the one I wanted.

    Now however, I have to click multiple times, or scroll just to find the tab I want, let alone navigate to it. I know I can use the tab expose thing but the worst thing about that is I can't move tabs within it, and moving tabs outside is even more painful. Even when I have 12 tabs open*, I have to double click the end on, (even though I can see the title) to bring the tab to focus before I am allowed to click the page.

    As someone who frequently has 20-40 tabs open any suggestions they would be very welcome, as Chrome handles multiple tabs even worse, and firefox is simply awful.

    Thanks in advance

    *I forgot that I have moved to using 1440x900 equivalent res on my new retina MBP. If I go back to the 1280x800 of my old MBP I can only get 10 tabs open before the stupid bunching thing happens.
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