Safari Under Lion Observations.

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by marc11, Jul 30, 2011.

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    Mar 30, 2011
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    First off let me say I like many of the changes to Lion and have experienced only a few bugs so far. Safari being one of the better upgrades until now, it is so bad I had to download Firefox again. Here is what I have noticed and am wondering if anyone else has noticed this:

    1. We all know Flash is a resource pig and causes the CPU/GPU to work hard and generate heat, the fans go one pretty quick when watching any Flash videos. However, I noticed under Firefox, the same video from the same site has the CPU running about 5 degrees Celsius cooler and I have zero explanation as to why. The fans run slower and the temp is lower under Firefox then when running it under Safari, test after test after test.

    2. I noticed today Safari and something called Safari Web Content (or something close to that) was using up to 90% of one of the CPU cores. That seems excessive to me. And this was just browsing the MR site. It doesn't do it all the time, but more often than not the MR site will eat up a lot of CPU and cause beach balls to spin, sometimes it was so bad I had to close Safari. I know this site uses Flash and thought maybe that was the issue, but I have click to flash so none of the flash was playing.

    This is a none issue under Firefox, CPU utilization is low and memory use is low.

    3. Safari seems to have slowed down, pages aren't opening as fast, sometimes refreshing a page when swiping back to it when in full screen mode takes up to 45 seconds, this is on a 200 Mbs connection. Just not right.

    I am lost as to what is going on, I've not installed any new software or plug ins and have tried rebooting a few times, but the issues persist. For now I will use Firefox, but I prefer the full screen mode and swipe gestures within Safari.

    Anyone else see similar issues and or find a cause/fix?

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