Safari using 30-50% CPU. macbook going nuts--anyone else with same problem?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by roisin and mac, Oct 17, 2008.

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    Feb 3, 2008
    Okay, basically the title tells most of the story here you guys :) I have a macbook, 2.2 GHz 1GB RAM, bought dec. 2007, all updates downloaded nice and tidy, but in the last few days I keep having this problem with Safari. I hear the poor machine's fans spinning and spinning, launch Activity Monitor, and there it is--Safari process, taking up anything from 30 to 50% of my CPU. It's weird because while I sometimes have some other apps running, it's nothing out of the ordinary, stuff I used to be able to do without any trouble before. Right now the fans are quieter, and I rechecked Activity Monitor to see had it gone down for some reason, but it's still hovering around 40%. That's a new one! Usually the noise is up proportionate to the percentage of CPU that shows up as being used in Activity Monitor.

    I just wanted to find out if anyone else has been having similar troubles, or I might toddle off to Repair and get it looked at. Now that the new ones are so ugly-@ss AND without a trackpad button, I guess that's made me even more protective of my own lil' guy here!

    Anyway speak up if you've noticed anything! There's strength, or at least reassurance, in numbers :)
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    Just so you know, the new macbooks do have a trackpad button.
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    My problem is ram. 97% of my 2GB is being used by safari and mail. :confused:
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    Did 'we'? I don't remember contributing/watching any discussion. I don't think it's to do with flash though. In the past flash sites did sometimes confuse my computer, but what I'm talking about here is something not tied to flash sites. Just regular places, like eBay, Onelook, macrumors, a google search results page or two...lightweight stuff really ;) I'd still like to see that thread though if it's handy and you think it might help :)

    Ram huh? I'm pretty sure it's mainly the processor *checks*, yep, it was deffinitely the processor column that had those really high numbers. I kind of expect it if I'm streaming NCIS on surf the channel lol, but eBay? That's weird! i remember ram being around 300 MB or so--also higher than I've seen it at other times I think.

    Also, after I posted, I tried shutting down and leaving the machine off for just under an hour or thereabouts (I do have the tendency to go for days without shutting down completely, only putting it to sleep when I'm not using it. i do that diligently though, anything longer than making some tea and a sarnie always means sleep. usually less than that. I know I've heard of people who practically never shut down except for updates, which is definitely not me as I shut it down about once a week to clean the screen and plastics, but even so, I'm prepared to change habits if there's a chance the practice might be having negative effects. I'm not totally clueless about computers, but my knowledge is VERY uneven, so please forgive if this sounds like utter nonsense!)

    Oh? I thought I couldn't see a separate button on the pictures, so I believed they were tap-to-click only. Which no doubt is the preferred method for many (most?) people, but it doesn't suit me at all. In fact I only managed to really work the trackpad efficiently once I had the feature disabled. That way i keep a thumb always on the button, and the fingers on the trackpad area to move the cursor and place two fingers for a control click. But if they still have one, that's great news. It makes me like the new arrivals a bit more, because I have to admit I was disappointed at first--not just because of the trackpad, but also at the disappearance of the white laptops! I have become quite attached to these, I thought they were totally unique and I am rather pleased I got one before they were discontinued :)

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