Safari using too much data?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by charvin, Jan 30, 2016.

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    Jan 30, 2016
    Last week I received a text message notification from my carrier saying I hit 90% of my usage, which I brushed off because I didn't think it would be an issue. Yesterday, I was down to my last 300mb and I couldn't believe it. I reset my stats to see how much it was burning and within an hour, I was using 100mb by only visiting a couple of web pages (random google searches eg. "Arrow", "The Flash", a couple of sports teams I follow, etc.).

    Basically, I just read the episode recaps/reviews, random articles of interest or any news of the team(s) I follow and no streaming whatsoever. I thought perhaps it may have been because I restored a backup from a different 6s Plus so I did a factory reset and it didn't help at all.

    With that being said, could this be a problem of my carrier, phone, or neither? The data usage is coming only from Safari as I have turned off cellular usage for any other app and the amount used is consistent with the amount of total data used. I've tried searching for all of the carriers in my country who have Data Calculators on their website, where they tell you how much data you would need based on your usage (how much you stream, how much web pages you visit, photos downloaded, etc.) and all of them consistently say that a single web page should consume no more than 0.3 MB (text only).

    Is this normal? I can't seem to pinpoint the problem and unfortunately, I have to go to my carrier today to change my plan from a 6GB to a 10GB because I still have about a week before my reset cycle. I've never had any problems previously and even though I hit the cap last month, I understood that because I streamed 3 hours of video.
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    Wanna cut down on data use. Use the content blockers. You will be surprised how much faster pages download. And not including 15 ads and 11 trackers for each page really reduces the data you consume.

    Remember Google makes their money selling what you do online. They can only do this by you loading the ads, cookies, and trackers that report back where you go, what you search, and what you look at. Using your data and your battery power.

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