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Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by everfangomanga, Feb 20, 2014.

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    Two questions here...

    First of all, I know of the existing problem of scrolling lag in safari, which I do have, but don't really notice. However, sometimes I need to (pinch to) zoom into webpages to read the text, but when I do this, the lag gets ridiculous. Like, it skips whole paragraphs of text. I know the font can be changed with cmd +/-, but I would prefer to just pinch to zoom. Does anyone else experience this? Are there any workarounds or fixes for this?

    The second thing I've noticed is that when I'm on pages with embedded maps, I can't zoom in/out of the map as I would be able to on an iPhone, or in the maps app. I have to physically push the +/- sign in the map interface. If I try to zoom out, it shows me all tabs in safari. Is there a setting I can change so that I can zoom in and out of maps while the cursor is hovering over them?
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    If you're not super attached to Safari you could check out another browser. I use Chrome and it has pinch to zoom that works without lag but I'm sure FireFox probably has this too. You could also try checking out the nightly Safari Builds:

    Additionally not being able to zoom in/out on embedded (google)maps has absolutely nothing to do with Safari. Simply double left click to zoom in and double right click to zoom out.
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    I don't have the lag you describe on my rMBP at all. I'm using Safari and it's pretty smooth most if tb time. My IPad is a different story though, with frequent crashes etc. I just hope they fix this soon.

    My iMac is smooth as silk, but I only use tap to need to pinch and I don't have a trackpad attached to it anyway.

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