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    Without being sarcastic, what was/is the whole deal when people say "I hope Safari gets snappier"?. I'm not talking about when they say it, because yes, it's kind of annoying now, but what started this? I'm assuming there was a time when Safari was slow?
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    It's from the early days of Mac OS X. (Safari came out 2 years after OS X did.) Being the early days for both the OS and the web browser, great strides were made in system speed and stability every time anything was updated. One place users would notice the changes were in Safari, when web sites would reload noticeably faster than they had beforehand.

    (Also, system updates often reset caches and there was a perceived benefit from that. Even if it was temporary it could make Safari FEEL faster even if nothing had changed.)

    Anyway, "Safari is snappier" became kind of a running gag it was said so much back then. It has lived on far past the times when an update could actually make the web browser work faster without a hardware update. That doesn't happen so much anymore, but the joke lives on.
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    I hope Safari gets snappier the next time this thread is updated by a post like mine

    Edit: Safari seems snappier.

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