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Discussion in 'macOS' started by brijazz, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. brijazz macrumors 6502


    Jul 31, 2008
    I have the Open Firmware Password enabled, which prevents my machine from booting into Safe Mode when I hold the shift key at startup (as expected). As a result, if I want to use Safe Mode I have to boot up from my install DVD, disable the password and then reboot. Very time consuming!

    I just read about a way to boot into Safe Mode (at Apple Support[/URL)] by entering the following terminal command:

    sudo nvram boot-args="-x"

    Has anyone tried this before? I'm a little hesitant to test it out in case I run into some sort of Open Firmware/Safe Mode conflict.
  2. LPZ macrumors 65816

    Jul 11, 2006

    Extrapolating from
    this thread, it seems that this approach will allow you to boot into Safe Mode even with an Open Firmware password enabled. But I'm not going to test it on my system. :)
  3. brijazz thread starter macrumors 6502


    Jul 31, 2008
    Worked just fine. To get back to a "standard" boot, just remove the -x from the command.

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