safe to purchase a used mbp on ebay?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by 2056, Jul 29, 2009.

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    Sep 10, 2008
    school is just around the corner and it's time to purchase a laptop.
    i definitely qualify for the education discount/ipod rebate, but i am really just looking at prices now and wanting to get the most out of my dollar.

    i've been a member of ebay for quite a while, just not very active. i'm concerned that if i do purchase a used computer, how will i know if there is any liquid damage? is there a way to check for this without taking the mac apart? is this just the risk you take with purchasing used electronics on ebay?
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    Liquid damage is the least of your problems when you buy off of eBay, and that's if the machine actually gets sent to you. Buy from reputable online dealers, a retail store, or avoid.
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    Feb 8, 2008
    Make sure that PayPal is used to pay and the entire purchase price is covered in a "not as advertised" situation. Ask the seller through eBay any questions you have so that eBay has proof that the discussion took place if any problems arise.

    Make sure you also ask the seller for the serial number to check the warranty information.

    eBay is dangerous. If you want a better deal, check CraigsList and deal locally or check Apple's refurb store.
  4. LordOfTheMacs macrumors member

    Nov 22, 2008
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    Both my macs were bought off eBay, and I have had no issues yet. I bought from sellers with high ratings, positive feedback, and experience selling macs.
    For example, my iMac G5 was bought from a company that was selling off the older hardware that they didn't want, which was mostly many many G5 iMacs and G4 towers. My iBook clamshell was bought from a woman who pulled them from a working school enviroment and refurbished them. The safest buys usually have very detailed listings. Always ask the seller questions, they usually answer the best they can.
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    Sep 10, 2008
    wow. okay. sounds like it could be a hassle. i always use paypal with ebay. i thought it was pretty safe as long as they had positive feedback, but i guess there's always a chance the account has been hijacked.

    thanks for the info. it looks as though i'll go the safe route and make my purchase with Apple/Best Buy.
  6. MRU Suspended


    Aug 23, 2005
    Happened to me a few years back when I bought a PowerMac.... or at least paid for one...... :(:(:(:(

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