Safe to sell water Damaged phone?

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  1. cree88, Mar 24, 2017
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    Mar 21, 2017
    So I went for a swim with my iPhone 6s Plus for about 20 mins which has completely stuffed it. It was in rice for about 3 weeks but no luck. I want to know is it safe to sell since I didn't get to wipe the data off the memory. My guess is that it's not just want to know from some more knowledgeable people.
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    Why don't you trade it in at your local Apple Store there in Sydney and Apple will recycle it or destroy it. I have no idea how much they will give you for it but it won't hurt to ask. It might be difficult to sell a water soaked iPhone anyway.
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    I would expect that your information is still there. But, it will require someone being able to power the memory to retrieve the information.

    I'd probably do as the other poster said, and exchange it with Apple. Or destroy it and trash it.

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